Motor Core

Custom Stator and Rotor

  • Mass production of motor iron core custom proofing: the company has been engaged in iron core processing for 8 years, we have the ability to make samples of stator and rotor wire cutting in the whole process from raw material procurement, wire cutting, gluing or welding lamination, accept drawing processing and Customized service.
  • Commonly used silicon steel sheets include 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.35mm, and 0.5mm series. Both domestic and imported materials have fixed stocks to meet your processing needs.
  • In line with the attitude of striving for perfection, the company and our team only make first-class products and provide the best service. Your request is our pursuit.
  • We mainly focus on sheet stamping and lamination technology. The main technical solutions are glue bonding and wire cutting processing methods. More than 70% of the products are made of 0.1mm thick silicon steel sheets. At the same time, we provide 0.1mm/0.15mm silicon steel sheet products and Ni-Fe, Co-Fe soft magnetic alloy products to many European customers.
High speed motors for aviation purposes



Dongguan Youyou Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the customized production of motor stators and rotors. The company's main business is:

Core wire cutting

Glue bonding stator and rotor

Large size iron core processing

self-adhesive iron core

Core Insulation Coating

axial flux stator

Customized sizes are welcome, and can be customized according to customers to meet different needs of customers.

Advantages Performance

Bill of materials

Steel mill Grade


超级铁芯 Super Core / 10JNEX900 / 10JNHF600 / 10JNRF / 20JNRF / 15JNSF950 / 15JNEH1000 / 20JNEH1200 / 20JNEH1500 / 20JNHF1300

Nippon Steel

25HX1300 /27HX1500 / 30HX1500 / 35HXT680T / 35HXT780T / 50HXT590T / 50HXT780T


ST-050 / ST-080 / ST-100 / ST-150


15CS1200HF / 20CS1200HF / 20CS1500HF / 25CS1500HF/30CS1800HF


B15AT1000/ B20AT1200 /B20AT1500/ B20AV1200 /B20AV1300 / B25AV1300/B27AV1400/ B30AV1500/ B35AV1700/B35AV1800/ B35AV1900/B35AV2000/B35AV2100/ B20AHV1200/B20AHV1300/ B27AHV1400/B30AHV1500/ B35AHV1700/B35AHV1900/ B25AHV1300M/B27AHV1300M/ B27APV1400/B30APV1500/ B35APV1700/B35APV1900/ B35AHS500/ B35A250-Z/B35A270-Z/ B50A250/B50A270/B50A290/B50A310


15WT1550/20WTG1300/20WTG1500 / 27WGP1400/27WGP1500/ 30WGP1500/30WGP1600/ 30WGP1700/30WGP1800/ 35WGP1700/35WGP1800/ 35WGP1900/35WGP2100/ 20WTGH1300/20WTGH1500/ 27WGPH1500/27WGPH1800/ 30WGPH1500/30WGPH1800/ 35WGPH1700/35WGPH1900


20TWVP1150/20TWV1200/20TWVG1500/ 25TWV1300/25TWV1300S/27TWV1400/ 27TWV1400S/30TWV1500/30TWV1500S/ 35TWV1700/35TWV1900/ 35TWG230/35TWG250/35TWG300/ 50TWG250/50TWG290/50TWG350


25SWYS500/35SWYS500/ 35SWYS600/35SWYS900/50SWYS650/65SWYS600/ 20SW1200/20SW1500/27SW2300/30SW2700/ 35SW230/35SW250/35SW270/35SW300/ 35SW330/35SW360/35SW400/35SW440/ 50SW1300/50SW230/50SW250/50SW270/50SW290/ 50SW310/50SW330/50SW350/50SW400/50SW470/ 50SW530/50SW600/50SW700/50SW800/50SW1000/ 65SW1000/65SW1300/65SW600/65SW700/65SW800/ 50SWG470/50SWH470/50SWH600/50SWH800/ 35SWR300/50SWR1300/50SWR350